The Phoenix Business Journal reports that jobs in tech have increased by 26% this quarter, with an increase of 4,394 jobs from the previous quarter. Phoenix is the second fastest growing city in the US in the technology sector, benefitting from large employers in the Valley, like Deloitte and Accenture, seeking new employees, businesses moving from tech cities on the coast, and a vibrant start-up scene. The result has been a “war for talent.”

Phoenix second fastest in tech job growth

Phoenix Greglist lists 741 software companies and 248 startups. Many need programmers and engineers, of course, but also people who have technical skills with subject-matter expertise. From finance to education to health to social media, being able to combine technical skills with subject-matter, organizational, or social expertise. Naturally, if you are ready to bring your own capabilities to the next level, we would love to see you in our master’s program. But there are other opportunities as well. If you are just starting out, there are some good boot camps that can get your started on the tech side. There aren’t as many short-cuts on the social side, but if you are currently an undergraduate, internships are also a possibility. Take stock of the breadth of knowledge and experiences you have had, and keep an open mind. This is a good time for those seeking a career in technology, and especially for those who can combine technology and programming skills with a broad set of creative, problem-solving, and social knowledge.

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